does nebraska furniture mart have layaway

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No,Nebraska Furniture Mart does not offer layaway programs. We researched this on Mar 13,2021. Check Nebraska Furniture Mart’s website to see if they have updated their layaway programs policy since then.

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  • Does Furniture Mart offer layaway options?

  • Layaway options are available through Furniture Mart USA. *The Furniture Mart credit card is issued with approved credit by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. See store for details.

  • Does Nebraska Furniture Mart offer a military discount?

  • Yes, Nebraska Furniture Mart offers a Military Discount. There is a certain pricing level for the Military Discount, and is not a set percentage off. Please bring your Military ID with you to show to the Sales Associate or Cashier. How are my payments applied to my account?

  • How are payments applied to Nebraska Furniture Mart accounts?

  • Online, mailed and in-store payments are applied to your account according to paragraph 6 of your Nebraska Furniture Mart Revolving Agreement. Nebraska Furniture Mart automatically applies payments in a manner which meets federal requirements, and attempts to minimize the interest charges you may incur.

  • What is Nebraska Furniture Mart laybook?

  • Because of the massive size of the stores, Nebraska Furniture Mart has published a binder that they call the laybook.?It contains details for employees to inform them about what is going to happen when the store sponsors huge shopping events.

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