does black and brown furniture go together

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  • Is black and brown furniture a good combination for a home?

  • Equipping your home with black and brown furniture is a safe option because it affords you the ability to get creative with the rest of the colors in each room. Whether you want the furniture to be the room’s focal point or want the walls and decor to stand out, you can match several different colors with black and brown furniture.

  • Can You decorate a room with black and brown walls?

  • While black and brown are certainly viable decorating colors for a home individually, using the two shades together may seem like an odd choice. Since both are typically dark colors, you can easily wind up with a lifeless, cavelike room.

  • What color goes with brown and black leather furniture?

  • Position a black, mismatching ottoman in front of your tan chair. Warm reds, earthen oranges and umbers work well with black and brown leather furniture, so walls painted in light terra cotta and scattered coral and ultramarine items enliven the combination.

  • What color throw pillows go with brown furniture?

  • If you’re using brown furniture, use black throw pillows or cushions to give it a more dramatic look. You can also use black in other accessories, such as window treatments, area rugs and artwork, if you want to keep its presence in the room limited.

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