does ashley furniture have layaway

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  • Does Ashley HomeStore offer layaway?

  • Other Information: No information of any kind is offered about HomeStore Layaway is offered on their website, except to state the service is offered in some stores. It is probably a good idea to call your local Ashley HomeStore in advance to inquire. Mattress Firm offers a 90-day layaway plan. A 10% deposit is due upfront.

  • Does Ashley Furniture charge for delivery fees?

  • We argued it was Ashley actually violated the contract since the delivered products were defective, thus should not charge customers for the delivery fees and should absorb the cost itself. You will NOT get your furniture delivered, and if you do, never on time. We are still waiting on a bed we bought IN STORE on June 1.

  • Is Ashley Furniture still in the Wearhouse?

  • Called this morning and are given the same excuse, (They do not know what happened) supposibly it is still in the wearhouse. Now it is scheduled for the 1 of February. This was the first and will definitely be the last time we purchase anything from Ashley furniture.

  • Do any stores offer layaway?

  • Sadly, not as many stores offer layaway as they once did. Many places that used to have layaway plans have now switched over to buy now pay later plans, such as Klarna. Walmart, for example, used to offer layaway, but now it offers buy now pay later plans through Affirm. Other stores offer financing through store credit cards.

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