does american freight have good furniture

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  • Is American freight and mattress a good place to buy furniture?

  • American Freight does have great drop off rates. They will bring your furniture to your place for a very reasonable price within distance. The customer service was average. Depending on what type of furniture you’re looking at for your place, American Freight could be a good choice. I give American Freight and Mattress a 3.5 rating.

  • Does American freight have furniture in Columbus Ohio?

  • Shop Furniture, Mattress Appliance Near You! American Freight is your destination in Columbus, OH for great deals on appliances, mattresses and furniture for your home. Shop our inventory of home appliances (refrigerators , cooking laundry), mattresses, furniture and so much more.

  • Does American freight offer delivery or store pickup?

  • American Freight carries a broad range of inventory including furniture, mattresses, and appliances. While many of our stores are able to offer both delivery and store pickup, some are currently limited to store pickup only for online purchases.

  • How does American freight furniture financing work?

  • American Freight have you place an application online or in person to finance your furniture. After you are approved they give you the amount you are approved for, but when you go to look for the furniture you want with this (so called $50 down) you can take it home to me is a big scam.

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