does acima repo furniture

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  • Is Acima affiliated with any other retailers?

  • There are also many other retailers Acima is not affiliated with, but don worry, you檙e in good hands. Our browser extension technology enables you to complete the checkout process using your approved lease line. Once you review your lease agreement and sign, we檒l purchase any eligible products you selected and lease them to you.

  • What is Acima lease-to-own?

  • Acima approves you for up to $3,500 without going through the hassle of traditional credit card lenders. It’s great for anybody with bad credit or no credit. This is a Lease-to-Own program with no interest. The sooner you pay it off the lower the cost.

  • Do I need to install the Acima marketplace鈩?extension?

  • If you檙e on a desktop, some retailers featured on Acima MarketPlace鈩?do not require the extension, and others do. The best bet is to install it on your browser so you can shop at any retailer you choose. If you are interested in shopping with a mobile device, you can request a lease line through the Acima mobile app.

  • What is the Acima mobile app?

  • The Acima mobile app is the best way to apply, shop, and manage your lease. There no other plastic like it. The new Acima LeasePay Card鈩?expands your leasing options to millions of merchants on the Mastercard network.

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