do i need to seal chalk paint on furniture

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Chalk paint is known for its antique-style look that it delivers when applied to wood furniture. To make sure that the paint lasts for years,it essential to seal the painted wood with a good sealer. In most cases,you will need to seal chalk paint for protecting the color that is vulnerable to the elements,and natural distressing.

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  • Do you need to seal chalk paint?

  • You will likely have to re-paint the surface after a few years, but if you seal it with a top coating, the paint will be a lot more durable, and won get ruined as fast. Although it isn necessary to seal chalk paint, it highly recommended, as it will protect the paint so that it lasts longer, while looking its best.

  • What is the best chalk paint sealer for furniture?

  • While clear wax is among the most popular, it also costlier and will require regular maintenance. Clear chalk paint sealers (like polyurethane and others) on the other hand are known to be cheaper and durable. These can however darken the color on your furniture a bit more than wax.

  • What do you need to seal painted furniture?

  • When sealing painted furniture you will need your protective top coat, a few paper plates, plastic spoons, clean chip brush, lint-free cloth and my all time favorite yellow applicator sponge. If you are new to painting furniture you can always start at the beginning with How to Paint Furniture ?a Beginners Guide.

  • Does chalk paint last longer in water?

  • So, you should not expect it to last for long if the surface is immersed in water. No matter it your kitchen cabinets, table, chair, hardwood floors, or other outdoor furniture, if you have applied chalk paint on them it good to put a good sealer over it to preserve the color better and last longer.

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