did trump steal white house furniture

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Trump said the White House was a dump. Yethe stole furniture from the White House and brought it to Mar A Largo. White House staff should have counted the towels,pillow cases,knick knacks,silverware…anything not nailed down. Don the Con is his name for a reason, tweeted a user. Trump stole furniture from the White House.

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  • Did the Clintons steal furniture from the White House?

  • Did the Clintons steal furniture from the White House? Did Clintons steal any other items from White House? Overall, a fact check reveals such allegations are false. I laughed at the suggestion but decided it deserved some investigation.

  • Did Trump steal classified documents from the White House?

  • The National Archives found documents clearly marked as classified, including at the top secret level, among the 15 boxes of papers and mementos former President Donald Trump improperly took home from the White House, The Washington Post reports.

  • Did Trump take away WH furniture with him?

  • Soon after the reports of ‘recovery’ emerged, several social media users accused the former President of stealing WH furniture too. Though none of the reports mention Trump taking away the WH furniture with him, the same was being speculated on Twitter.

  • Is Trump staff carrying stuff out of the White House?

  • Items that could belong to the American people are being carried out of the White House by Trump 榮 staff. A bust of Abe Lincoln left the West Wing: More stuff (appears to be Abe Lincoln bust) leaving the West Wing this afternoon. pic.twitter.com/4fjkVPmiMS

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