can you use mortgage loan to buy furniture

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  • Should you buy furniture with cash or a loan?

  • No risk of furniture repossession: The most satisfying benefit of buying with cash is that you will own the furniture outright which give you more options. If you took a loan out to purchase furniture, and you failed to complete the required payments, the lender could then come and take your furniture.

  • What can you buy with an appliance / furniture loan?

  • An appliance / furniture loan can help you purchase the items that make your home more livable, even if you have a less than stellar credit score. Most lenders will provide appliance / furniture loans of up to $5,000, and if you require more, then a traditional home equity loan is always available.

  • Should you use a home equity loan to buy furniture?

  • For those that have a single discrete expense, a regular home equity loan may be the right move. You檒l receive the money that you need, you檒l be able to purchase your furniture, and you can begin paying off your loan in monthly installments that don increase over the course of the loan agreement.

  • Can I use my loan money for any purpose?

  • The likelihood of being able to use your loan money for any purpose can also depend on the type of loan you’re receiving, whether it’s a mortgage, car loan, student loan, business loan, or personal loan. Mortgages are used to purchase a home or refinance an existing home loan.

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