can you use chalk paint on exterior furniture

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  • Can you use chalk paint outside?

  • You can use chalk paint outside. This is because the chalk paint is water-resistant and can withstand exposure to weather and elements. But it is not advisable to use chalk paint on outside furniture made of hardwood. After painting with chalk paint, it is advisable to keep the painted item indoors for at least 4 days to allow it to dry.

  • Do you need to sand before Chalk Painting Furniture?

  • However, the reason you should sand a piece of furniture is usually so that you can create enough grit or tooth on the surface for the paint to stick. Chalk painters can sometimes get around sanding because chalk paint is more porous which allows it to have glue-like properties.

  • Can You wax over chalk paint furniture?

  • When you chalk paint furniture, you always have to use a soft wax or protective finish to protect the surface. Every painted furniture piece needs to be covered in a substance that will stick to the surface and also protect the piece long-term. No one product does both things really well ?at least none that are cost-effective.

  • Can you use chalk paint on a dining room table?

  • If you do want to use chalk paint on your dining room table, be sure to use a couple coats of wax or brush on a great poly finish (a clear liquid oil) like this one: Varathane Waterbased Polyurethane Cost Comparison: Furniture Painted with Chalk Paint Vs. My Process

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