can you use chalk paint on exterior furniture

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  • Can you use chalk paint outside?

  • You can use chalk paint outside. This is because the chalk paint is water-resistant and can withstand exposure to weather and elements. But it is not advisable to use chalk paint on outside furniture made of hardwood. After painting with chalk paint, it is advisable to keep the painted item indoors for at least 4 days to allow it to dry.

  • How do you paint furniture with chalk paint?

  • Applying the Paint Choose a chalk paint color. Chalk paint comes in a variety of colors from white and black to baby blue and light green. Mark off areas with painter tape. If there are any areas on your furniture that you檇 prefer to leave unpainted, make sure to mark them with painter tape. Test a small patch.

  • How many coats of chalk paint do I Need?

  • For example, if you are working with darker colored furniture like a deep mahogany or black metal, you may need to apply three to four coats of a lighter paint. However, chalk paint goes on thick and dries quickly, so even multiple coats won take long. A four ounce container should also be more than enough.

  • Can you use exterior paint on furniture?

  • If you want to paint exterior furniture, then you should use exterior paint. If the furniture is varnished, you檒l want to sand it first. If it has old paint that is peeling or cracking, you檒l need to scrape it or sand it with a power sander to remove it.

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