can you stretch carpet without moving furniture

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Most carpet repairs or re-stretchingcan be done by The Floormenderwithout you moving the furniture out. Carpet repairing and re-stretching,may also be needed to finish off the edge if new flooring,such as tile,stone or wood is installed in areas transitioning into carpet. Most hard surface installers do not do this type work properly.

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  • Can you stretch carpet when there is furniture in it?

  • When we檙e discussing carpet stretching with our customers, they commonly want to know if you can you stretch the carpet in a room when there is furniture in it. More often than not, the answer is 測es you can? Even when it not, we have some creative workarounds.

  • How to install carpet without moving furniture?

  • There is carpet moving equipment that can be used to install carpet without moving furniture. It is appropriate for houses and apartments as well as companies. Usually this method for removing carpet from one room to another or changing the carpet in the room is used for modular furniture.

  • How much space do you need to stretch carpets?

  • As a general rule the room needs to be 50% void of furniture in order to stretch the carpets properly. We need to have enough open space in a room to slide furniture around to gain access to the wrinkles and the wall we are stretching to. A room jam packed with furniture causes this to be an impossible feat.

  • Can you move carpet from one room to another?

  • Today you already can. There is a technology that is used for that and it is so convenient when moving or renovating your home or office premises. Whether you want to remove carpet to another room or you plan removing carpet from one room to another, nowadays there is carpet moving equipment that is used for the purpose.

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