can you put furniture over vents

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  • Can you put furniture over an air vent?

  • Put the furniture over the vent in summertime, and you decrease the overall air flow from a central air-conditioning system. Moreover, can you put bed over vent? Its fine to put a bed over a heat vent as long as you dont have the box spring sitting right on top of it unless you close the vent.

  • Can you put a skirting sofa over a return air vent?

  • Return air vents don’t have dampers; supply air vents do. Another tipoff is that return air vents are typically larger than supply vents. And, no, you can not put a skirted sofa over a return air vent, not even with a $5 plastic deflectors. Deflectors are to be used only with supply vents. Thanks!

  • Can You cover floor vents in house?

  • Likewise, can you cover floor vents? Covering the floor registers in your home is potentially dangerous if you cover them when using the heating or cooling system. The air pushes through the grates, but the covers block the air from escaping. When you turn the heat up, you push more air through, which raises your heating bill.

  • How far apart should furniture be from air conditioning vents?

  • Follow sensible and safe guidelines for furniture placement when you have to work around vents. Leave at least 18 inches between furniture and vents to promote free air flow.

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