can you put furniture in front of an air conditioner

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  • How far apart should furniture be from air conditioning vents?

  • Follow sensible and safe guidelines for furniture placement when you have to work around vents. Leave at least 18 inches between furniture and vents to promote free air flow.

  • Is it bad to put furniture next to air vents?

  • Placing wood furniture on or too near air vents will almost certainly damage the wood. The forced air is very drying and could cause joints to loosen and boards to crack. If another piece of furniture is blocking the vent, exceptionally moist conditions in the room might cause wood furniture to warp.

  • Where should indoor air conditioners be installed?

  • Indoor units should be installed in a central location within the room you want to cool in order to allow for clear, balanced air flow throughout the space. Have a think about how the room going to look once the unit is installed. If the air conditioner’s being installed in a bedroom, the best place for it is probably directly above the bed.

  • How do I choose the right room for my air conditioner?

  • Cool air will invariably sink to the bottom of a room, and unless you’re supplementing the air conditioner with a fan to circulate it around the room, installing it higher will help cool the room more evenly. Choose the room carefully. If you’re only installing a single air conditioner unit, think about where it’s going to be most useful.

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