can you order replacement parts for ikea furniture

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  • Does IKEA have spare parts for furniture?

  • IKEA furniture often includes extra parts like screws or dowels, in case a customer accidentally loses an important yet small part. IKEA also gives out replacement parts for free (small parts) or for a small fee (big parts). These can be obtained by contacting the store Exchange and Returns department.

  • Can I assemble my own IKEA furniture?

  • Assembling your own furniture is part of the fun of buying from IKEA and can make you really appreciate that furniture piece, and sometimes can also frustrate you. IKEA furniture comes with instructions and all the parts you will need. But are there extra parts in the original packaging, and can you get replacement parts if you檝e lost some?

  • How do I order replacement parts for my IKEA item?

  • This shop specializes in replacement parts for Ikea items that have been discontinued or just difficult to find. Check out if we have your part or request that we build your part. 1. Send us your broken part (if we don’t already have it in our webstore.) 2. We 3D model your part. 3. You order the part. Rule of thumb small part are best.

  • Which companies customise IKEA furniture?

  • From cabinet doors in pastel hues to stylish drawer handles and wardrobe legs, meet the companies that are making the customization of your new and used IKEA furniture simple and enjoyable. Norse Interiors offers luxurious, custom-made replacement pieces to turn IKEA furniture into bespoke works of art.

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