can you mix different color wood furniture in a room

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  • How do you mix wood furniture finishes?

  • There is no magic formula when it comes to mixing wood furniture finishes, but here are a few guidelines that may help you find your footing. In this room we mixed different wood tones with accent chairs to create contrast with the flooring, media console, and secretary desk.

  • How do you make a room look different?

  • Balance both sides of your room with similarly toned wood. This grounds the space, allowing the other wood tones to have a brighter or deeper contrast. Change the style of a room by adding mixed wood finishes.

  • How do you mix Woods in a room?

  • These spaces may be considered eclectic, and they are full of character. Here are some easy ways to mix woods in your own place. Connect the undertones. Look at the grain in the wood. You can pick up on hints of red, dark chocolate or light tones and tie furniture pieces together that way, as well as to the wood flooring.

  • How do you mix furniture with a rug?

  • Soften the mix of furniture with a rug. Try an area rug as a transition point between the different tones of a wood floor and the furniture on it. Give one piece of furniture an important position.

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