can you mix different color wood furniture in a room

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  • Can you mix wood furniture finishes?

  • There is no magic formula when it comes to mixing wood furniture finishes, but here are a few guidelines that may help you find your footing. In this room we mixed different wood tones with accent chairs to create contrast with the flooring, media console, and secretary desk.

  • Is it OK to mix wood tones in a room?

  • While mixing wood tones is perfectly acceptable攁nd in fact, encouraged攊t always helps to pick a dominant wood tone as a starting point to help you choose other pieces to bring in the room. If you have wood floors, this would be your dominant wood tone. Otherwise, pick the largest furniture piece in the room.

  • Can you mix and match wood colors?

  • Natural wood colors are neutrals making them fairly goof proof to incorporate into any color scheme. From contrasting tones to patterned grains, here are tips for mixing and matching wood shades like a pro.

  • How do you decorate a room with multiple wood finishes?

  • With a few designer tricks, you can embrace multiple finishes and pull together a sophisticated and appealing room. Look for similar styles, undertones and grains or create a buffer to coordinate when the tones don quite work side-by-side. You’ll find that assorted wood finishes build an engaging, layered look. Set the tone.

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