can you mix brown and gray furniture

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Gray can provide a nice visual break and cool things down in a room with mostly brown furniture,while brown can add warmth to a room that dominated by gray. Mixing it up. When you檙e going with a mostly brown and gray color scheme,using various tints and shades of the two colors will keep things interesting.

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  • What goes with brown furniture in a gray room?

  • Luxuriously supple brown sofa set combined with brown tables and a beige rug in a gray room setting. Walls are just as important to the feel of a space as furniture.

  • What color furniture goes with beige walls?

  • Beige living room decor creates a bright and open look that complements many different colors. Here, the beige rug and sofas contrast dark gray walls and create a neutral canvas so that rich brown end tables and boldly patterned accent pillows in beige, brown and gray can really pop.

  • What color couch goes with gray walls?

  • However, a room with good southern exposure can tip the scales in favor of a warm, inviting cast. When working with brown couches with gray walls, use the room’s floors and windows as decorating tools to layer in supporting colors effectively.

  • What color sofa goes with brown sofa?

  • For a sophisticated and simple look, white always works. It will go well with any shade of brown, and your sofa will totally stand out. The brown and gray color scheme works as both the colors are subtle. It lends a very classy touch to the room. Look how comforting this bedroom looks!

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