can movers take apart furniture

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  • Do moving companies take apart furniture?

  • Even though moving companies offer furniture disassembly and reassembly services, there are some exceptions to the pieces of furniture they will take apart. Most movers will avoid disassembling antiques, pool tables, and furniture pieces that are glued or nailed together.

  • How to disassemble furniture for a move?

  • Also, a small hammer may come in handy when you檙e disassembling your furniture for a move. Only, be very careful how and when you use this essential tool because you can easily damage your furniture pieces with it. In some cases, you may need special tools for disassembling some pieces of your furniture.

  • Should you hire movers or do it yourself when moving?

  • When moving locally, your movers will be able to disassemble and assemble your furniture, but your move is going to take longer, costing you a bit more. If you are moving on a budget and are fully capable of disassembling reassembling the furniture yourself, then do it yourself.

  • Is it difficult to move large furniture?

  • Moving, in general, is difficult ?there are no two ways about it. But you must agree that some things are much more difficult to move than others ?either because they are very heavy, or awkwardly shaped, or extremely fragile, or highly valuable, etc. If you make a list of such difficult-to-move items, large furniture will be near the top:

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