can i use furniture polish on my guitar

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  • How to clean and Polish a guitar?

  • 1 Clean Give your guitar body a good wipe down with the soft cloth. … 2 Polish Spray some guitar polish on your cloth, and then wipe your guitar down again. Make sure to cover the whole body with polish. 3 Wax (optional)

  • Can I use furniture polish on my fingerboard?

  • This will remove any grime from the fingerboard without damaging the wood and will also remove any oxidation from the frets, giving them a nice shine. Do not use furniture polishes on any of our guitars at any time, as they will likely damage the finish. Thank you for reading.

  • What kind of Polish can I use on my UV-finished guitar?

  • A: Most store-bought guitar and automotive polishes will work fine on the glossy areas of our UV-finished guitars built after 1995. These polishes will also work well on older gloss-finish models. You may also simply use a clean, damp cloth to wipe down the surfaces and follow quickly with a clean, dry cloth.

  • What is the best product to wipe down a guitar?

  • FWIW, Lemon Pledge is the product of choice for final wipedown of instruments leaving the PRS factory. I can’t believe nobody’s said this yet … Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes. Dispenser is like those sanitary wipes, they’ve got a string cleaner, fretboard conditioner and polish. Great product!

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