can furniture prices be negotiated

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Furniture is one of life’s larger expenditures,but just like buying a home or a car,the selling pricescan be negotiable. Even the best furniture stores are willing to come down on the numbers,but you must be prepared before diving in.

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  • How to negotiate a price for furniture?

  • The best way to negotiate a price is to know exactly what you檙e asking for. Research your purchase beforehand. How is it made? What is the quality? How much do similar pieces run at other furniture retailers? If you檙e well-researched to begin with, you檒l know the best deal at the start and how to negotiate an even better price.

  • Do you need a silver tongue to negotiate furniture?

  • You don’t need a silver tongue ?a bit of research and practice can give you the expertise to deal with even the most stubborn salespeople. shares a few tips for haggling furniture prices, claiming that the majority of shoppers who negotiate for lower prices are rewarded ?on an average of ?around $300 ?in savings.

  • Do you negotiate at Macy’s furniture?

  • The markup on furniture is quite high, reportedly from 200 to 400 percent. Add to that sales commissions of around 15 to 20 percent, and it doesn’t make sense not to negotiate whether you are shopping at Macy’s, Havertys, La-Z-Boy or elsewhere. Again, salespeople expect people to question prices, and negotiating is part of their job.

  • Can I get furniture prices lowered at a furniture store?

  • Not all retailers are willing to lower prices, and you’ll typically have the best luck at small furniture stores where you can speak to the owner. Furniture stores typically pay their sales staff on commissions that generally range from 4 to 10 percent of sales.

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