can bamboo furniture go outside

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Most bamboo furniture isnot recommendedfor outdoor use,but you can get away with using bamboo outdoors if you’re willing to give it a little extra care. Before placing bamboo furniture outside,treat it with an outdoor sealant for protection.

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  • Is bamboo a good material for outdoor furniture?

  • It in fact among the hardest woods and, in addition to that, it also resistant to insects and moisture. This makes a good candidate as a material for outdoor furniture and other elements. Bamboo is also more scratch-resistant than most hardwoods as well as resistant to swelling.

  • Can you use bamboo indoors and outside?

  • If you use bamboo outdoors, keep it in a sheltered area such as beneath a covered patio. Store outdoor bamboo during prolonged rainy weather to avoid exposure to too much moisture. Dry air indoors can cause cracking.

  • How to take care of bamboo furniture?

  • Furniture kept outside needs a bit more attention, as well as proper placement. If you find older bamboo furniture, you can restore it with a bit of cleaning, sanding and polishing. To dust your bamboo furniture, use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

  • How do you arrange bamboo furniture for outdoor use?

  • When arranging bamboo furniture outdoors, choose a spot that is shady but not damp or wet. Make sure the furniture is positioned where rain and water from your sprinkler system won’t reach it. Diligently check your furniture for mold often, and immediately remove any you find with lemon oil.

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