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Headquartered in the Seattle area,A-America is one of the few manufacturers that produce quality solid Hickory,Oak,Mahogany,Cherry,Birch,Pine,Maple,Ash and Alder furniture. A-America products are focused in value priced solid wood dining tables,chairs and master suites.

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  • Which furniture brands are made in the United States?

  • Below we檒l share 14 of the best furniture brands that design and manufacture their furniture in the United States. This list goes beyond the brands like Bernhardt, La-Z-Boy, and Bassett to share some up-and-coming American-made, direct-to-consumer, and eco-friendly furniture brands you might not have heard of.

  • Where are American leather furniture manufactured?

  • American Leather, a Dallas-based furniture maker, began operations in 1990. The company manufactures sofas, sleepers, etc. at its 350,000 sq. ft. facility and claims a 30-day lead time for its furniture between order and delivery. Thos. Moser began operations in 1973 in Maine.

  • Why Buy American-made furniture?

  • And choosing to buy American-made furniture has a range of benefits ?from product quality, to benefit the environment. When you buy American-made furniture, more of your dollar goes directly to the quality of the construction and materials, not to the transportation of the furniture from a factory overseas, says Lindsay Braun, founder of Emblem.

  • What is the oldest furniture brand in the world?

  • Vaughan-Bassett is one of the oldest brands on this list, as it was founded more than 100 years ago in 1919. Today, it one of the largest manufacturers of wood adult bedroom furniture, and all its products are made at American factories in Virginia and North Carolina.

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